Sunday School

 Sunday School, very simply, is bible study on Sunday mornings.  From 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, classes are offered for believers of similar passion or life-stage to delve deeply into scripture.  Each class is directed by qualified teachers who present the Bible in context while providing relevant applications for life today.  Through Sunday School individuals can gain a greater understanding of scripture while enjoying friendships, accountability, and the perspectives of other believers. 


Our current classes include:


Nursery – Children 4 and under

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade – Bible Teaching for Kids

4th - 6th Grade – Bible Teaching for Kids

7th - 12th Grade – Life Focus

Young Adults – You: Connect, Grow, Serve; Go

Adult I – Explore the Bible

Adult II – Explore the Bible

New Members Course – North Swan New Members Curriculum


  October 2020  
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